Snowball, rolling…

2 min readNov 21, 2023

Snowball. Snowball. Snowball. Do people know how snowballs work?

Little by little, piling up, the snowball grew bigger each time, with every tick of the clock and each little movement it made.

Little by little, people learn through time and through new things with new perspectives.

As each day passes, we tend to ignore the fact that people do change, but we expect them not to. Like a snowball, we wish it would stay in shape through time. We would wish the snowball would be the same after we left for winter and came back for spring. We dream that it will always be the snowball we once built.

But, no. A snowball is just a snowball. Snowballs are not meant to last forever. It will come and go and adore us while we’re in our own little place. A snowball is a snowball and would remain its own element. It will melt over time. It will change its shape just because of its environment.

And yet, we expect that the snowball will be the same. Why? Because of the memories we had while building them or the effort we made to roll them all out to be the ball it was now? And yet, we never realized that, while believing the snowball would be the same, we never looked at our own hands, cold and in pain.

It would be nice to think if snowballs would remain forever in the place where we built them, but the only constant thing in this world is change, and it applies not only to our little snowball but also to everything around us. The only thing that would not change is the memories we had with them, and it’s up to us how they would remain in our minds and in our hearts.

After all, a snowball is still a snowball. Little by little, piling up, it rolls in the middle of the winter and will melt once spring is back.




I look at people's faces, random photos, and places and think, "What If I was there?" "What If it was me?"